NanoMosaic obtains rights to biomarker test for the diagnosis, prognosis of anesthesia-induced delirium, Alzheimer's

Alzheimers Phases Amyloid

Proteomics and multiomics firm NanoMosaic said on Wednesday that it has obtained the exclusive right to license a biomarker test developed for the diagnosis and prognosis of anesthesia-induced delirium and Alzheimer's disease.

The test, developed by Dr. Zhongcong Xie, a professor of anesthesia at Massachusetts General Hospital, uses the NanoMosaic Tessie system.

NanoMosaic said the system alleviates bottlenecks in proteomics analysis and enables protein interrogation and multiomics analysis within a single chip and during one run.

Furthermore, the firm's nanoneedle technology enabled Dr. Xie and his group to develop a test for better diagnosis and prognosis of patients with postoperative delirium pre- and post-surgery, enabling better anesthesia decisions, NanoMosaic added.

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