Ortho launches new Vitros chemistry system for labs

2019 08 20 21 21 4333 Ortho Aacc 2019 400

Ortho Clinical Diagnostics has announced the launch of the Vitros XT 3400 chemistry system, which it said provides rapid turnaround and high accuracy for assays commonly performed in labs.

The XT 3400 system is part of the company's Vitros XT Solutions line of laboratory products. A key feature of this range of systems is the use of XT MicroSlides, which are approximately the size of a postage stamp and enable double assay processing, meaning labs can simultaneously conduct two tests that are commonly ordered together. According to the company, the average processing time is 7.5 minutes, compared with the 10 minutes required with competing lab solutions.

With XT MicroSlides, lipids and proteins that can affect results are filtered out, resulting in high accuracy along with the improved throughput, the company said. There is less need to redo tests, allowing labs with high volume to perform hundreds of additional tests per day, resulting in improved productivity, according to Ortho.

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