Lifespin debuts diagnostic service, an amino acid profiling panel

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Resensburg, Germany-based Lifespin on Monday announced the launch of the Lifespin Amino Acid Profiler, its first diagnostic service, which leverages artificial intelligence (AI) to analyze metabolism variations.

From a 0.5 mL venous blood sample, the profiler quantitatively captures a digital snapshot of 26 amino acids that are important to health and wellness, the firm said.

Its algorithms then compare the digital snapshot with Lifespin's database of more than 200,000 patient samples. Analysis of key amino acids derivatives provides insights into a patient's nutrition and health status including for elderly patients and the chronically ill, the firm said.

"Identifying and analyzing variations in the human metabolome as a cost-effective and highly scalable precision diagnostics tool has long been of great interest to medical researchers," Dr. Roland Geyer, Lifespin's chief operating officer, said in a statement. "Establishing a quantitative link in these variations to the presence of various disease states, prior to the onset of symptoms, would open the door to a far more precise, and disruptive form of diagnostics.“

The firm added that its diagnostics method could eventually be applied to the analysis of numerous indications and used with diagnostic products for precision drug monitoring in clinical, pharmaceutical, and research settings, and precision nutrition monitoring for diabetes, obesity, dietary, and lifestyle interventions.

Lifespin said initially it will market the quantitative amino acid panel to healthcare providers in Europe. Later, the firm will make it available in the U.S. and selected countries in the Asia-Pacific region as a laboratory developed test.

The analysis of the samples will be implemented by Lifespin at its sites in Germany and the U.S., and delivered to laboratory-chain companies and healthcare providers as software-as-a-service.

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