Vector Laboratories merges with Absolute Biotech

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Vector Laboratories announced last week that it will merge with Absolute Biotech, in a strategic move that will significantly expand its position as a comprehensive manufacturer and supplier of reagents and critical components for the development and production of life sciences tools, diagnostics, and clinical-stage biotherapeutics.

Absolute Biotech, a collection of manufacturers and suppliers with a global footprint, specializes in antibody reagents, kits, and services, including annotation, validation, sequencing, engineering, and recombinant manufacturing.

"The combination with Absolute Biotech will be a tremendous opportunity to better position Vector Laboratories as a strong partner to biopharma and life sciences companies," Lisa V. Sellers, PhD, CEO of Vector Laboratories, said. "For pharma and biotech customers developing biotherapeutics, particularly antibody-drug conjugates, it's important that their suppliers can also provide expert guidance in identifying the appropriate solutions to help them succeed."

Sellers will transition to CEO of the combined organization; the CEO of Vector Laboratories, Heather Holemon, PhD, will drive growth and shape the direction of the organization as chief strategy officer.

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