Agilent Technologies, Akoya Biosciences partner to develop multiplex immunohistochemistry assays for tissue analysis

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Agilent Technologies on Friday announced a partnership agreement with spatial biology firm Akoya Biosciences to develop multiplex-immunohistochemistry diagnostic products for tissue analysis and commercialize workflows for multiplex assays in the clinical research market.

The firms are collaborating to integrate Agilent’s Dako Omnis autostaining instrument and Akoya’s PhenoImager HT imaging platform for multiplex chromogenic immunohistochemistry and immunofluorescent assays. Integrating the instrument and imaging platform will create an end-to-end commercial workflow, including reagents, staining, imaging, and analysis.

Agilent said that along with Akoya it intends to develop chromogenic and immunofluorescent multiplex assays that include spatial analysis for biopharma companies developing precision cancer therapeutics. According to Agilent, these assays will enable researchers and medical professionals to address the selection needs of novel therapeutics for patients and rapidly translate their discoveries into clinical testing.

Spatial phenotyping using multiplex imaging provides the advantages of single-cell analysis while preserving spatial relationships between the cells, Agilent noted.

The agreement will deliver an end-to-end multiplex solution for biomarker clinical research enabled by digital pathology, providing capabilities across the pharma value chain, it added.

Under a separate agreement, Akoya Biosciences will distribute and resell Dako Omnis as a part of the end-to-end multiplex solution.

Financial and other terms of the agreements were not disclosed.

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