Lucid launches EsoGuard pilot test at centers in Ariz.

2021 06 30 22 19 4138 Digital Science Lab 400

Lucid Diagnostics has launched three test centers in Phoenix, where patients are undergoing esophageal precancer testing in a pilot test of the company's EsoGuard testing program.

Patients who are referred for testing due to gastroesophageal reflux disease are undergoing rapid noninvasive procedures using EsoCheck, which is used to collect surface esophageal cells for the company's EsoGuard esophageal test.

After completing the pilot program in Phoenix, Lucid plans to expand the test centers to other metropolitan areas. The expansion will occur in selected states in the west, and then across the U.S.

Also, the test centers will support the next phase of Lucid's pilot EsoGuard telemedicine program. In partnership with telemedicine provider UpScript, the company aims to accommodate EsoGuard self-referrals from direct-to-consumer marketing, according to the company.

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