Research finds tissue changes that may lead to cancer cells

2021 08 06 16 17 5155 Cancer Cell Microenvironment 400

Researchers from Tel Aviv University discovered changes in healthy lung tissue that indicate preparation to receive metastases.

Research by Dr. Neta Erez found that the changes were identified in the microenvironment of the tumor, specifically in connective tissue known as fibroblasts. These changes in the tissues are an early sign for the possible development of metastases, and that understanding the metastatic process and its diagnosis at an early stage may lead to life-saving prophylactic treatment, the team said.

The researchers compared the sequencing results sampled from healthy lungs, from lungs with micrometastases, and from lungs with large metastases in a state of advanced disease. Researchers succeeded in characterizing the process occurring in the microenvironment of the metastases, already in the early stages of preparation of the area for its reception.

The research was published in eLife.

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