Proscia touts AI pathology research results

2019 11 14 18 31 7753 Proscia Pathology 20191114184755

Artificial intelligence (AI) digital pathology software firm Proscia is highlighting findings from a study published February 21 in Scientific Reports that demonstrates AI's effectiveness in pathology applications.

The study used Proscia's deep-learning system, DermAI, which was developed using images from the Dermatopathology Laboratory of Central States and tested on a set of 13,537 images from Cockerell Dermatopathology, Thomas Jefferson University Hospital, and the University of Florida. The system achieved 98% accuracy in classifying whole slide images of skin biopsies in laboratory settings, Proscia said.

DermAI is the first in a series of AI applications on Proscia's Concentriq platform, and it is currently for research use only, according to the firm.

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