ASCP recognizes best practices in test utilization

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The American Society for Clinical Pathology (ASCP) announced this year's selection of Choosing Wisely Champions -- lab professionals who demonstrate mastery in ensuring the appropriateness of test ordering.

The Choosing Wisely program is a multispecialty, evidence-based medicine initiative driven by the American Board of Internal Medicine. The ASCP has created a total of 30 recommendations for test ordering, five of which were released in September.

Four Choosing Wisely Champions and utilization management projects were featured in a presentation at the ASCP annual meeting, held September 11-13:

  • Dr. Alyssa Ziman and team, University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA): UCLA implemented a pathology-driven red blood cell utilization project that dramatically increased the proportion of transfusions done in accordance with clinical guidelines, using a decision-support tool and outreach to professionals in other departments.
  • Dr. Gary Procop, Cleveland Clinic: The Cleveland Clinic implemented evidence-based electronic measures to analyze the utilization of tests and provide feedback about inappropriate ordering patterns.
  • Dr. Myong Ho (Lucy) Nam and team, Inova Health System Laboratories: Using its IT department resources, Inova developed utilization tools that help improve the appropriateness of ordering for single tests, including complete blood counts for Clostridioides difficile. Inova also implemented measures to reduce the rates of duplicate and repeat lab tests.
  • Dr. Charlene Bierl, PhD, Children's Hospital of Philadelphia: At her previous employer, Cooper University Hospital in Camden, NJ, Bierl worked to develop a system for monitoring the costs of testing and feeding information back to ordering clinicians.
From left to right: Dr. Alyssa Ziman, Dr. Gary Procop, Dr. Myong Ho (Lucy) Nam, Dr. Charlene Bierl, PhD, and Dr. Lee Hilborne (ASCP test utilization committee chair). Image courtesy of the ASCP.From left to right: Dr. Alyssa Ziman, Dr. Gary Procop, Dr. Myong Ho (Lucy) Nam, Dr. Charlene Bierl, PhD, and Dr. Lee Hilborne (ASCP test utilization committee chair). Image courtesy of the ASCP.
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