Theralink lands payment code for advanced breast cancer assay

2021 05 21 20 55 6118 Breast Cancer 3 D 400

Theralink Technologies has received a dedicated proprietary laboratory analyses (PLA) code from the American Medical Association for the use of its Theralink assay in patients with advanced breast cancer.

Making use of both laser capture microdissection and reverse phase protein array technologies, the Theralink assay measures the tumor cell levels of activated proteins -- the primary targets of most U.S. Food and Drug Administration-approved therapies and biopharmaceutical investigational drugs, according to the company. As a result, oncologists can utilize this potentially predictive molecular tool when selecting appropriate therapies, Theralink said.

With PLA code 0249U in hand, the firm said it has now submitted information to appropriate Medicare administrative contractors to help in establishing an appropriate payment rate for the Theralink test.

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