NanoDx, SkyWater develop nanoscale tech for COVID testing
October 6, 2021 -- NanoDx and SkyWater are partnering to further develop and bring to market nanoscale sensor technology for rapid COVID-19, traumatic brain injury, sepsis, and stroke testing. Read More
MeMed unveils COVID test for predicting patient outcomes
September 29, 2021 -- MeMed has developed a rapid test that can predict with greater accuracy than other tests if a COVID-19 patient's condition will deteriorate, according to a September 29 poster presentation at the 2021 American Association for Clinical Chemistry annual meeting. Read More
Machine learning-based tool can help screen COVID patients
September 27, 2021 -- Researchers have developed a machine-learning algorithm that could help healthcare workers quickly screen and direct the flow of COVID-19 patients arriving at hospitals, according to a September 27 poster session at the 2021 American Association for Clinical Chemistry annual meeting. Read More
DocGo deploys no-cost testing program
September 20, 2021 -- Mobile health services provider DocGo has deployed a no-cost, multiplex co-testing program that includes rapid antigen tests for influenza A and B. Read More
LumiraDx launches COVID surveillance test in U.S.
September 3, 2021 -- LumiraDx is launching a portable, rapid onsite COVID-19 surveillance test in the U.S., the company announced. Read More
COVID-19 tests attempt to prove at-home testing concept can work
August 23, 2021 -- More than a year into the pandemic, at-home COVID-19 testing remains stable, and the healthcare industry continues to develop new tests, according to Daniel Granderson, associate editor for Kalorama Information, a sister publication of Read More
Techcyte secures $21M in funding
August 23, 2021 -- Techcyte has secured $21 million in funding that it plans to use to speed to market its digital clinical pathology software, which is used to manage slides and analyze blood, cervix, bacteria, and parasite images. Read More
LifeScan, Cecelia Health to offer diabetes support
August 18, 2021 -- LifeScan and Cecelia Health have a signed a multiyear deal to offer live diabetes support, as well as blood glucose monitoring and holistic health tools. Read More
Dalrada, Vivera form diagnostic lab joint venture
August 10, 2021 -- Dalrada Health and Vivera Pharmaceuticals have formed Pala Diagnostics, a new diagnostic laboratory joint venture that will provide mobile concierge laboratory services across the U.S. Read More
Flu shots may protect against severe COVID-19
August 4, 2021 -- Getting the influenza vaccine may protect against severe COVID-19 effects, according to a study published August 3 in PLOS One. Read More