Labcorp, Pillar Biosciences team up for genomic testing
October 19, 2021 -- Labcorp and Pillar Biosciences have signed an agreement to offer genomic cancer testing based on Pillar's next-generation sequencing technology. Read More
Stilla launches Naica 6-color digital PCR system
October 18, 2021 -- Stilla Technologies has launched Naica, a digital polymerase chain reaction (PCR) system that features six fluorescent channels. Naica was introduced at the American Society of Human Genetics virtual meeting. Read More
Half of world lacks access to diagnostic testing
October 12, 2021 -- Nearly half (47%) of the world's population has little to no access to diagnostic testing, including the ability to do cultures to identify microorganisms or access to a chemical analyzer or to a hematology analyzer, according to a report released on October 6 in Lancet. Read More
Entopsis pursues 'strategic alternatives' for OpsisDx platform
October 8, 2021 -- Entopsis has announced that it will pursue strategic alternatives for its OpsisDx urine-based technology platform that offers a diagnostic test for detecting early-stage cancers. Read More
Sysmex introduces automated analyzer for malaria detection
October 1, 2021 -- Sysmex America is introducing the XN-30 automated hematology analyzer for malaria detection. The research use only system uses specialized reagents, a violet laser, and advanced algorithms. Read More
MeMed unveils COVID test for predicting patient outcomes
September 29, 2021 -- MeMed has developed a rapid test that can predict with greater accuracy than other tests if a COVID-19 patient's condition will deteriorate, according to a September 29 poster presentation at the 2021 American Association for Clinical Chemistry annual meeting. Read More
Nanopore sensor quickly detects infectious viruses
September 24, 2021 -- Scientists have designed a nanopore-based sensor that can detect the presence and infectiousness of a virus in a sample within minutes, according to a new study published in Science Advances on September 22. The new method successfully detected SARS-CoV-2, positioning it as a speedier, less fussy alternative to other tests. Read More
FDA issues alerts for Abbott Molecular COVID-19 testing kits
September 17, 2021 -- The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is alerting clinical laboratory staff and healthcare providers of the potential for false-positive results for testing kits for COVID-19 from Abbott Molecular. Read More
Siemens partners with A1 on COVID variant tracking
September 10, 2021 -- Siemens Healthineers announced that it is collaborating with A1 Life Sciences to support global efforts to track variants of SARS-CoV-2. Read More
Serosep secures contract with Liverpool University Hospital
September 10, 2021 -- Serosep has secured a five-year contract with Liverpool University Hospital to supply the company's molecular diagnostic solution, EntericBio, used to diagnose gastroenteritis. Read More